Frequenlty Asked Questions

What do PUT and CALL mean?

The Call (Up) option is used if you predict that the value of the asset will rise. If you predict that the value of the asset will reduce, then you select Put (Down).

What does the expiration time mean?

Expiration time is the time in which a particular trading expires. For instance, a 30 seconds trading expires after 30 seconds. It is at this time when you see if you have won or lost.

What is a pip?

A pip is the smallest price change possible for any given currency pair.

Can I open a TEST account?

Yes you can. You can either contact our LiveChat service or you can send an e-mail to in order to open a TEST account.

What deposit methods do you offer

You can deposit your funds through bank wire, bitcoin transfer or e-wallet solution. We found that this is the most secure way for you and for us.

What is the minimum amount I can start with?

Minimum investment to enter our program is 1.000$.

Do you accept US and UK clients?

Yes we do.

Are my funds secure?

Your funds are safe and secured in our segregated accounts because we are very cautious with our clients’ money.

How do I request a withdrawal and how long does it take for the funds to reach my bank account?

Go to our website click on a section WITHDRAWAL where you can easily make a withdrawal. It takes 2-3 hours for our withdrawal department to process your request and another 2-4 days for the funds to reach your bank account.

Are there any restrictions regarding the amount I can withdraw?

You can withdraw any amount you want although you have to leave enough funds in your account if you want us to trade your account with the same pace.